Sunday, November 30, 2008


わたしは うれしいです。やすみですから。I feel happy because i m in holidays .

Welcome to my world....

1.がくせいが すきです。かわいいですね。i like my students.They are so cute.

がくせいは はちさいです。They are 8 years old.

がくせいは じゅうさいです、きれいです。These girls are 10years old,so beautiful.

がくせいもじゅうさいです、にぎやかです。They are 10-year-old boys.Very active boys.

**いま私は せんせいじゃありません。
Now, I m not a teacher anymore.I miss my students a lot.They have brought happiness to my life.They remain in my world forever.


Small Christmas trees and blue lights in Queensbay Mall.Attractive.

Romantic.haha.although now is still not Christmas season,but it is nice to see some beautiful decorations about christmas.