Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My belief about Japan

My belief about Japan is Japanese are very polite. I remembered vividly, after I went to Japanese class once, I saw Rika sensei at the Bakti Permai cafeteria. That time, I was very excited because I could hardly see foreign lecturers outside the lecture halls. Rika sensei smiled to me and greeted me with “konnichiwa”. I was really impressed by the courtesy of Japanese. Sensei always says greetings like “ohoyou”, ”konnichiwa ” to the class before she starts the lesson.

From the Japanese book, I have learnt several expressions that Japanese used to say when they greet each others like “konbanwa”, ”sumimasen”, ”oyasumi”. Besides, in the Japanese movies and dramas, it is very common to see the characters say ”ittekimasu” when they want to go out while ”itterasshai” used by the people who stay in the house. One of the Japanese movie I watch is “A litre of tears”. Furthermore, traditional Japanese bow down when they greet people. Japanese too, very concern about the expressions in daily conversation. They seldom use “Iye” as they think it might offence people. ”Chigaimasu” will use instead of “Iye”.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

シンガポールりょこうSingapore Trip

my cousin's R.O.M. ,Nee&Thomas. 5/12/08

MRT station,Dhoby Ghaut

わたしとおねえさん。me and my elder sister.(this weird photo was taken by my silly younger bro.look the way he took this photo!!)

Plaza Singapuraに いきました。we were in Plaza Singapura.

angels are beautiful!

ピザは おいしいです。 delicious pizza!

strawberry paradise, mango fizzy and orange juice.
so cool......


cathay cinema!

me and my younger brother.the lights behind us are definitely romantic...

we again!!

funny + weird

we are cool!!

うなぎは わたしのすきなたべもの。unagi!!my favourite food.

サケは おねえさんのすきなたべもの。
salmon! my sister's favourite

ラーメンです。ramen!my younger brother ordered this.

my old friend!young chei!long time no c...happy

いいレストラン。DIN TAI FUNG.
wonderful of the top ten restaurant in the world according to "NewYork Times"

indeed nice pau!yummy!

mouth-watering fried rice with shrimps,but expensive!10Dollars!

a picture of mine in front of the restaurant
レストランのまえで わたしのしゃしんをとりました。

beautiful fountain!!in orchard shopping complex

attractive lights!

huge christmas tree!!!love it!!!

beautiful decorations in Causeway-Woodlands shopping centre!

**シンガポールりょこうは おもしろかったです。だいすきです。
Really a memorable and exciting trip in Singapore!!love it so much....