Thursday, February 5, 2009


私の尊敬するの人はChris Leeです。
The person i respect is Chris lee.

Chris Leeはちゅうごくのかしゅです、そしてみりょくてきなひとです。
Chris Lee is a singer in China, moreover she is a charming person.

4ねんまいにChris Leeはコンテストにさんかしました。そのどき、ゆしょしゃでした。
4years ago,Chris Lee attended singging contest.At last,she was the champion.

うたはほんとにいいです、そしておどりがじょうずです。たから、たくさんひとはChris Leeがだいすきです。
Her songs are really nice.Her dance is good!So,many people like her very much.

Chris Leeはせがたかいです、そしてやせています。
She is tall and thin.

She is a quiet person, but she is lively when she is on the stage.

Chris Leeはゆめいなひとです。
She is a famous person.

She is a hardworking person.She is willing to learn so many things.

She is a humble person.She is not proud.

She is a simple person too.She is really honest in the media and among the public.She doesn't hide anything.

I really respect her and admire her.